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How to Keep a Clean Home with Pets

Everyone loves having a pet around the house to play with and look after. Having pets is a blessing and they truly become a part of the family. However, pets can be messy at times and it can be difficult to keep a clean home with them. If you have indoor pets and are finding it difficult to keep your home looking clean and fresh, try some of these tips to lighten your load.

Tips for Organizing Kids Playroom

When you have children, the play area can seemingly take over a large part of the home. Even if you try to contain the mess in one room, it can leak out into other rooms if you’re not organized. Luckily, there are several tips and tricks to help you keep the kids’ playroom in order. Hopefully, these tips will allow the kids to play with and find their toys with ease while keeping the area clean.

Essential Dorm Room Cleaning Items

Your dorm room is the place where you will DO everything in college. From cramming for that biology final to socializing with friends and everything in between. It’s no surprise that you can make a huge mess in a hurry. Especially, if you’re sharing the room with another person (as most college students do). That means double the dirt, mess, and even stress. As for the incoming freshmen that are now entering the college world, you may want to come prepared with a solid collection of cleaning items in your moving boxes. So, grab a pen and jot down these essentials cleaning items on your college packing list.

Keep a Clean House Over Summer Vacation

It’s almost time for summer vacation again. Whether you have little kids that are out of school or older kids that are returning from college, one thing is for sure: There will be a mess. But, try not to stress out too much, there are a few things that you can do to lessen or prevent a catastrophic disaster from occurring. Here are some tips on how to keep a clean house over summer vacation.

7 Reasons Mom Needs a Clean House

As a mom, you know just how difficult it can be to keep the house clean. The kids seem to make a mess every time you turn around. There are many reasons mom needs a clean house, from being exhausted to having time to spend with the family. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a cleaning team to ease your stress, free up some time, and keep your home spotless.

Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

Cleaning the house can be a chore. When you think of cleaning, you probably imagine vacuums, spray bottles of chemicals, rubber gloves and hours of scrubbing. Consequently, we are here to change all that! There are trade secrets that make our lives easier and your house cleaner. With this in mind, here are cleaning hacks […]

Spring Cleaning Purge List

After a long winter cooped up inside, it is spring cleaning time! And while for some this is a daunting job, it is our favorite season. This is a great time to go through your home and declutter and organize. We have a spring cleaning purge list that will take the chore out of this […]

Keeping Dirt Out of the House

Who wants a cleaner house? It is a question most of us would answer with a resounding, “YES!” We have a few strategies for keeping dirt out of the house that while simple, make a big difference. Many take only a few minutes, and most are budget friendly. So, this weekend, why not take a […]

Holiday Cleaning: Tips for a Guest-Ready Home

‪ If you think wiping down countertops and fluffing a few pillows in advance of the guest onslaught will land you on Santa’s “nice” list this holiday season, check that list twice. The extreme cleaners (telephone buttons! vacuum brushes! remote controls!) featured in this New York Times article may make you feel like a slacker. […]

3 Holiday Organizing Dilemmas You’re Probably Dealing With (and the Fast Fixes)

Q. Every Christmas, we get more board games. What’s the neatest way to store them? —P. J., via Facebook Tattered boxes are an eyesore, so I like to conceal games in a closet, in a hanging sweater shelf (Threshold 10-shelf organizer, $19, target.com). Or, if you have a spare deep drawer, you can insert a […]