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Quick Pre-Party Clean-Up Tips

The best part of life is sharing it with those you love around you. Yet, we have this guilt when it comes to showing our friends and family a dirty house. We understand. That is why we have put together pre-party clean-up tips. 1. Focus on High-Traffic Areas Our your energy in the rooms people […]

10 Quick Tips to Clean the House Before Thanksgiving!

1.  Avoid Perfection at All Costs – getting most of it done in a quick fashion does not allow you to get into detailed cleaning. 2.  Understand why you are doing the quick cleaning. Is it the usual Monday clean up?  Or are you cleaning up for a special event (kids birthday party, cocktail party, or […]

How To Get Motivated To Clean

1. Clean in the Morning I read somewhere that if you put the most daunting task of your day at the beginning of your day, it’ll get done quicker and you’ll end up enjoying the rest of your day knowing that you’ve taken care of the biggest, most overwhelming job. The best part? You get […]

Car Cleaning Tips

A clean car will make every trip whether far or near much more pleasant. Dedicate 5-10 minutes each day for a quick pick up to keep a consistently clean car. If a clean machine is what you’re after, look no further than this to-do list. 1. Clean up spills quickly, before they have a chance […]

Hard To Clean Items In The Kitchen – Freezer

Freezers Freezers make it hard for microbes to live, but some germs still persist. If left unchecked long enough, freezer bacteria will begin to contaminate your food. The frustrating thing is, the only way to truly remove nasty germs is to defrost the machine entirely. Unplug the machine and leave the freezer door open. Yes, […]

Hard To Clean Items In The Kitchen – Cheese Grater

If you own a pastry brush, you owe it a thank you. To dislodge cheesy stage-five clingers on that grater, just run the bristles of a dry brush back and forth along the tool. This works best when the cheese is dry, but if you use your grater on a stickier food, like garlic, you […]

First Time House Cleaning – Things To Consider

What To Expect On Your First Time House Cleaning The professional cleaning teams of Spouses Cleaning Houses deliver excellent home cleaning service to compliment your specific requests. We take the time to listen and determine what the most appropriate services are for your needs. Prior to your service team’s first visit, we will discuss your […]

Having Fun With Cleaning

If you’re getting the whole family involved, set up a few trash bins around the room you’re tackling and have family members take turns trying to throw trash or other items you’re getting rid of into the bins. This can be fun in its own right, but for a little extra motivation, you can award […]

Toilet Cleaning

Cleaning the toilet isn’t everyone’s favorite chore, but it still needs to be done. Here is one tip from Vanessa Goodpaster-Beaty from diyncrafts.com! Don’t forget to schedule your house cleaning atspousescleaninghouses.com! Sprinkle baking soda and just a few drops of lemon juice into the bowl and leave it for about an hour. Scrub with a […]

House Cleaning Referral Program

Join Our House Cleaning Referral Program and Earn Spouses Dollars! If You’re Satisfied, Tell Your Friends… Listening remains the primary reason why Spouses Cleaning Houses continues to deliver superb house cleaning services and build lasting relationships with our clients. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of cleaning and to treat our customers and […]