It’s that time of year. Pumpkins at the farmstand. Scarecrows at the harvest fest. Days getting shorter. Nights getting cooler. And leaves all over the place. Lots and lots of leaves. There are many items on the fall cleaning checklist, but for some, leaves are the bane of their existence. We thought it would be fun (and possibly productive) to give you some alternative ideas for what to do with those pesky leaves, not to mention, being good to the earth while you’re at it.

What’s a better place to start than the good ‘ol farmer’s almanac. They’ve got some great ideas; everything from leaving them in place for the mower to pulverize to using them for mulch, compost, or even as a weed barrier.

Focus on the outdoor priorities that you don’t want to have to tackle in the winter cold, but can’t put off for springtime. Things like maintenance on gutters, anything that needs to be painted or cleaned, garage organizing, and maybe even prepping for a fall yard sale. Don’t forget to put garden hoses away so they stay in good shape for next year and check the caulking and weather stripping on windows to avoid losing valuable heat in the winter.

As to the indoors, time to clean those vents and get your heating units serviced and maintained before the first seasonal use. If you have a fireplace, make sure you get your chimney serviced to assure safety. Check around the house, and tidy up those places that usually get neglected, like behind appliances and on top of ceiling fans. Flip the mattresses to maintain consistent wear, and take some time to clean the windows. As the cold sets in, you’ll be happy to have clean and clear windows to see the outside but be nice and cozy inside.

To close, we’ll leave you with a bit of frolicking fun. We’ve seen this video before, and so has the Farmer’s Almanac, so we’re in good company. Take a peek at Butch, who has decided to derail the hard work done to pile up the leaves. And it’s so worth it. Don’t you think?