A, B, C, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3, right? Yes folks, it’s back to school time, and whether you did all your back to school shopping early, or scrambling to make sure the kids have everything on the list, remember one really important tool that’s free and incredibly valuable, and that’s a library card.

With 15 branches conveniently located throughout the County, keep the library in mind as a wonderful resource as the kids head back to the classroom. And contrary to what some may think, libraries are going strong, and have more than books to offer (though we think the books are pretty cool too). Sure, reading and research isn’t exactly done in the say way these days as in our parents and grandparents era, but libraries have kept up with the pace, and now offer extra resources, like Homework Help. There are tons of events and programs for kids, teens, and adults, as well as Spanish language assistance.


Once the kids are out of the house and in the classroom, it’s also a good time to regroup and sort the summer seasonal clothes, toys, beach gear and more. Don’t trade it all in for fall yet though; it’s still warm out! But as the school backpacks, lunch bags, school shoes and more start taking up more space, the beach towels may start taking a back seat. Running out of room for everything? Get clever and implement colorful and creative storage containers using baskets that are easy to find at local stores or perhaps even repurposed from other uses in your home. As mentioned in our recent newsletter, with inevitable growth spurts, there are probably items that no longer fit the kids, so it’s a great time to donate to others in need. How about those times when you end up finding two or three of something you couldn’t find and kept re-buying? It’s ok, we’ve done it too. Put those items to good use, either as a back up, or repurposed for others to enjoy.


They (whoever they are) say it takes 21 days to change a habit, so what better time to start than the beginning of the school year? Your kids are learning in school, and you can all learn together to create new habits for the home. Close your eyes and dream about clearing the clutter once and for all, from shoes in the hallway, to paperwork on the kitchen table, to chairs and treadmills that turn into chair wardrobes. Get into a new routine by giving yourself a daily challenge or making it a fun game for the kids. You can even offer incentives for a job well done. Vow to plan ahead, whether it’s to make school lunches or prep clothes for the next day, and be sure to have the kids help, which allows them to form their own good habits.


Maybe you have a cleaning service like us, maybe you don’t. Maybe you bring one in once in a while. For those times in between, and as the school year begins, time gets short, especially in the morning and evening. Some brief cleaning spurts to keep the house picked up quickly should help reduce the mess and reduce the stress. Walk around the house and take stock. Are there items that aren’t truly serving you anymore, or simply collecting dust without providing any real benefit? Grab a box and collect them for donation. Get the kids into it and see if they can fill a box from their room, plus gaining the experience of being able to help others in need. Open the window! As the humidity and heat begin to subside into September’s cooler nights, remember to bring the fresh air in, before heating season begins. Top it all off with some fresh flowers in a big vase, take a deep breath, and enjoy the coming of fall.

Do you have back to school seasonal tips to share? We’d love to hear!