clean house better health

What does having a clean home have to do with good health? A lot. Think about it. When dirt, grime and germs are left to gather, particles in the air can unnecessarily get absorbed into the human body, not to mention heating and cooling vents, potentially negatively affecting health. Indoor air can be stale and trap odors, dust, and mold, especially after a long cold winter. Hidden causes of an unhealthy home can go beyond the obvious, like bathrooms and kitchens. Be sure to properly clean your computer keyboards, cell phones and remotes (with manufacturer recommended practices), and make sure your indoor or garage garbage cans aren’t harboring extensive odors or left with residue. Don’t forget sponges and cutting boards, where bacteria can grow.

We don’t know all that we’re breathing in, so don’t risk unwanted illness by letting too much time pass between cleaning. A dirty home can end up costing more money too, as it can cause more visits to the doctor, possible allergic reactions, and it can even adversely affect your pets.

A clean home can actually prevent health problems. We like helping people see how important that is, so let’s focus on the positive. Having a clean home can promote healthy activity and exercise, by being a motivating factor. Whether it’s in between professional cleanings, or simply taking the time and energy to pick up around the house or run the vacuum, exercise can equate to a cleaner home. Put on some music and dance away the dust! Walking into a clean home is also a more calm and relaxed way to live in many cases, and can be a motivator to organize, purge unneeded items, and repurposing and recycling them for others to enjoy.

Last but not least, for gosh sakes, spring is upon us, so when you get the chance, open those windows and let the fresh air in!