Deep Clean Your Kitchen

If you haven’t moved your kitchen appliances since you’ve lived in your house, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s not unusual to focus on keeping the kitchen clean at the surface level; putting your groceries away, washing the dishes, cleaning the stove, etc. But spring is a great time to go deeper. Got a ceiling fan? When’s the last time you dusted off the blades. Are there crumbs in your silverware drawer? Dust under the oven? Expired food in the cabinet? And let’s not even discuss what might be hiding in the refrigerator. Take some extra time this month and go deep. Take everything out of the refrigerator, clean it from top to bottom, toss what needs to be tossed, and consider rearranging items as you put them back for a fresh clean start. Go through your spice cabinet and your dry goods. Read the expiration dates, and figure out what gets to stay and what needs to go. Clean the stovetop thoroughly, including taking the controls off (follow manufacturers guidelines), get rid of any grease collected around the hood, and clean the oven if you have the extra energy, (or give us a call, we’re always glad to help). Wash the kitchen sink and for gosh sakes, toss any old scrubbing pads.

As with many household chores, it can be hard to get motivated. We like to help inspire ideas in addition to cleaning tips. For instance, you could invite some friends for a “surprise” dinner party with what you find in the refrigerator (only the good stuff though!), or get the kids involved to make cleaning the fridge into a game and the prize is the ice cream in the freezer! You could daydream of how great your clean refrigerator will look, not to mention being able to find things better. Of course, if all else fails you could save it for a rainy day or reach out to us. We’ve got your back.

No sense in stressing about Spring Cleaning. Anything you do will be something for the better. As a bonus, treat yourself to buying some new kitchen towels or gadgets or plates or glasses to help freshen the room up. Most of all, start somewhere, clean up, clean out, and enjoy the results!