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Spouses Cleaning Service
Spouses Cleaning Service

First Time House Cleaning – Things to Consider

What To Expect On Your First Time House Cleaning

First Time House CleaningThe professional cleaning teams of Spouses Cleaning Houses deliver excellent home cleaning service to compliment your specific requests. We take the time to listen and determine what the most appropriate services are for your needs.

Prior to your service team’s first visit, we will discuss your cleaning requirements. This includes understanding:

  • Any prior cleaning service experiences you may have had (positive and negative),
  • The type and frequency of the cleaning you need,
  • Specific constraints or issues we need to be aware of, and
  • Any other relevant topics that will help ensure we provide you excellent service.

During our first visit, we will focus on getting rid of existing dirt and setting a standard of cleanliness you can expect from each visit. During subsequent visits, we will strive to maintain a fresh and sparkling clean home. At all times, we welcome and encourage your feedback to help ensure the cleaning team is meeting your expectations.