House Cleaning 101

There are lots of ways dirt builds up in the home, and one of them is something most people do every day, walking into their home with your shoes on. When it comes to housecleaning, have you ever thought of how much cleaner your home might stay if you checked your shoes at the door? It’s customary in many Asian cultures to remove your shoes before entering the home, and is considered part of the etiquette. This tradition has been adopted here in the states, and highlights the practice of keeping a cleaner home, freer from unnecessary dirt and germs. Families can implement this easily, especially if new habits are put into place, such as removing shoes at the point of entry and having slippers or indoor-only shoes at the ready. It may take some getting used to, but great benefits will come as a result. Less vacuuming, less dusting, and potentially less illness in the home.

The practice is valuable year round. In the winter, the salt that accumulates on shoes won’t be dispersed throughout the home, wreaking havoc on your floors and carpets, not to mention your pets paws. In the warmer months with lots of rain, leaving your shoes at the door can reduce tracking mud and dirt into the home and the vacuum cleaner won’t need to come out as much.

Check out our owner Ed Wright, with his cleaning tip about leaving your shoes at the door: