Mmmmm. Ketchup. Well, when you’re done making burgers on the bbq, save a little ketchup for the cleanup. It’s not just an old wives tale. Ketchup actually contains some very interesting and useful properties that make a great natural alternative to cleaning. People are more and more resourceful in using items that are friendly to the planet. As one of the number one condiments in virtually everyone’s refrigerator, we think good o’l ketchup fits the bill.

Got great brass and copper pots that don’t look great? Put some ketchup on a damp cloth and rub the pot where the stains are. You can even add a bit of salt for hard to clean areas, just make sure it doesn’t scratch. Wash as usual and voila, your pots should be back to their original glory.

And are you ready for this? Ketchup may be red, but it will clean your silver! The jury is a bit out on how well it works, but give it a try it for yourself. Put some ketchup in a shallow bowl, and set a piece of silver jewelry in for five or ten minutes. Don’t leave it in too long as it could cause damage to the item. When the acidic nature of the ketchup meets the oxidized silver, it breaks it down and cleans it up.

The online world calls quick and easy tips “hacks”. From toothpaste to beer, click HERE for an article about several more to try for cleaning your jewelry that you may have readily available at home.

So next time you’re inviting friends and family over for a barbecue, ask them to bring some of their silver jewelry with them and have at it!