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Odenton House Cleaning Services

Odenton House Cleaning Services

Are you tired of nagging your spouse and children to clean the house, and still, nothing gets done! You want a clean, beautiful home but don’t have time to clean it yourself. We clean some of the busiest homes in Odenton.

When you turn over the cleaning to Spouses Cleaning Houses, you get a clean home the whole family enjoys.

We have almost 20 years’ experience cleaning homes in Piney Orchard, Seven Oaks, Four Seasons, Fort Mead, and all the surrounding communities. We started out company in Anne Arundel County, Maryland in 1995!

Our customers LOVE coming home to a clean house that looks and smells fresh!

Families today are constantly on the go! Moving from one activity to activity, only stopping at home long enough to eat or change clothes. If that sounds like you, Spouses Cleaning Houses is here for you.

Spouses Cleaning Houses is bonded and insured, for your protection.

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Testimonials from an Odenton Neighbor

We have used the Spouses Cleaning Houses for about 9 years now and are very satisfied with the organization! The workers are thorough, kind, and trustworthy. As busy parents of 4 children, cleaning day is something we anticipate greatly. Thanks to Ed the owner for being easy to contact and accommodating. I would recommend the Spouses to anyone!

–Mark, Odenton, MD