Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air and it’s time for Spring Cleaning. One quick Google search will yield lots of tips and tricks to keep your home clean and shiny, so we thought it would be fun to take Spring Cleaning on from a different angle, namely the acronym version. So here you have it, Spouses Cleaning Houses version of…

~~~ S.P.R.I.N.G.  C.L.E.A.N.I.N.G. ~~~

Got paperwork? If you have piles of paper in different places around your home, take the time to go through them, get rid of what you don’t need, and organize the rest. Go get some fun new small storage pieces, or repurpose things you already have around the house.

When’s the last time you went through your closets and drawers for all those items that you never wear or are out of fashion or looking a bit ragged? Get some boxes and purge purge purge. Consider donating items, putting them on consignment, or recycling run down items into cleaning rags.

Reorganizing and rearranging is a great way to do an economical home makeover of sorts, plus the bonus of having a new and fresh look! Be creative and try something new with arranging your furniture, wall pieces, and knick-knacks. Clean areas that are hard to get to, or that just don’t get cleaned very often.

Spring (and fall) are great times to inspect your smoke detectors and any other alarms and electronics in the home. Change the batteries in your smoke alarms even if you think they don’t need it.

It’s nice to spring into spring with something new for yourself or your home. Whether it’s fresh towels for the kitchen, or something more extravagant, treat yourself just a little bit and have something fresh to welcome you home.

Start planning your garden, or if you don’t garden, bring some fresh flowers home to brighten up your home as the days get longer and the sun shines in.


Clean in places that are neglected, especially after the long winter. Windows and screens and window tracks are good examples, as are vents and ceiling fans too. Use a scrap piece of carpeting to get into the nooks and crannies of your screens.

Beyond the regular laundry pile, spring is a great time to wash your curtains if they’re easily removable, or fluff and freshen up heavier drapes in the dryer. Big bulky bedding could use an extra cleaning too, so grab up your comforter, pillows, blankets and pillows and head to your closest industrial Laundromat, or if you really don’t want to go through all that, at least let them hang up outside to air out in the fresh air.

Don’t forget about the outside of your home. Clean the gutters after the long harsh winter. Pressure wash the house. Spruce up and get ready for some colorful spring plants. Remove any debris and attend to any minor repairs that may have happened over the winter.

Time to tackle the refrigerator. You don’t need harsh cleaners, especially around your food. Try a mixture of salt and seltzer with some fresh lemon, or use a vinegar mixture to do a thorough clean. Move appliances where you can, to clean behind, and start fresh for spring.

Are you always chasing after clutter, kids toys, mountains of paperwork and more? If you want to finally break the cycle, focus your energy on what you envision your home to look like, and commit to 2015 being the NEATEST year ever.


We wish everyone a wonderful springtime, and let us know if you’d rather hand over the Spring Cleaning to us and go relax with a good book somewhere….