It’s summer. The kids are out of school. The beach is calling. The last thing many people want to think about is cleaning. For the times in between calling your favorite cleaning service, making cleaning more creative can make it less of a chore. Here are some tips and tricks for a more inspiring cleaning experience in your home so you can get back to the beach (or whatever summer fun floats your boat). Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

  1. Do a little each day, rather than letting everything to pile up. Whether it’s the laundry pile, the dishes, or the vacuuming, designate a 15-minute window each day to clean something. ANYTHING.
  2. Grab some tunes. Music is not only good for the heart and soul, it can help pass the time. Crank the volume (as long as you won’t disturb the neighbors or wake the baby), and sing your heart out. C’mon, who hasn’t lip-synced their favorite cover song using their hairbrush for a microphone? May as well combine it with cleaning. You likely won’t even notice the time going by.
  3. Dance. See # 3 and add a heaping helping.
  4. Make it a game. Getting the kids to help clean can be a challenge. Remember that old proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention”? It probably could’ve been written about a parent getting their kids to help around the house. Invent a game and some prizes to make it fun and the kids just might surprise you, plus it might be great for instilling good cleaning habits. And, if it doesn’t’ work, there’s always ice cream.
  5. Declutter. Where there’s a box, there’s a way. As you’re cleaning, grab a box and start throwing anything in it that could be donated for others to use. Clothes, toys, household items, etc. It may sound silly, but sometimes it’s all about having the box. When it’s there, you’re more likely to discover items you didn’t even remember you had, or you’re (more than) ready to part with.
  6. See # 5, but prep for a yard sale or flea market. Same routine, but you might need more boxes. De-cluttering, cleaning, and making money. It’s a win-win-win!
  7. Incentivize yourself. Pick a room, any room. Clean clean clean, and then treat yourself to something special or sparkly just for that room.

Got more creative ideas for cleaning? We’d love to hear in the comments below.