Do you feel like you have your vacuum cleaner on speed dial? Do you wonder if you should start collecting the dog hair for spinning yarn? Do you have more dog hair in your mouth than coffee? Then you might be suffering from the dog days of summer.

You love your dog. He or she is part of the family, but oh to reduce the amount of dog hair that seems to multiply in summer! It’s part of the normal process of course, but tell that to your used up vacuum cleaner bags. Here are some tips to keep Fido happy and you happier.

  1. Brush your dog and make sure you’re outside. Many people do this as a rule, but not everyone, and maybe not often enough. It reduces the amount of floating dog hair, and most dogs like it.
  2. Vacuum more often than you think you should. It may seem futile, but it keeps it under control, especially if anyone in the home has allergy issues.
  3. Cover up what you can. Don’t go too wild covering all the furniture so your house looks like it’s in storage or something, but smartly covering up dog hair magnets isn’t a bad idea. And if your dog is allowed on the furniture, definitely put a sheet or towel down on their favorite go to spot.
  4. Bathe your dog occasionally to maintain a cleaner and healthier coat.
  5. Make sure your air conditioner filters are clean and maintained. It may not seem like that would matter, but it does. When the air conditioner is working at its most efficient, it will help keep the air circulated better and any airborne fur more at bay.

Bonus tip, as seen on LIFEBUZZ: Use a squeegee to remove pet hair on carpet. Who knew!

If YOU have great tips for reducing the amount of dog hair in your house, you’re barking up the right tree. Leave your comments below; we’d love to hear…