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Spouses Cleaning Service
Spouses Cleaning Service

Spouses Cleaning Houses – About Us!

Why Choose Us For Your House Cleaning Needs?

Considering Hiring a House Cleaning Company?

There are many reasons to consider hiring the best house cleaning service in Annapolis MD

Value – Bottom line, your time is extremely valuable. Think about this – calculate how much you make per hour and multiple it by the amount of time it will take to clean your home. Chances are it is much less expensive to hire a house cleaning company than to do it yourself.

Stress Reducing – Living in a dirty or cluttered home can send your stress level through the roof. You have a busy life. At the end of the day, you do not need to add to cleaning to your lists of tasks that never get completed. Having a clean home shouldn’t require yet another item on your to-do list.

Efficiency – As in any employment situation, the more experience you have in an area, the better you are at doing that job. When you hire a cleaning company, you have a professional staff that knows how to work efficiently to get the job done right. They do not cut corners but they know how to manage their work flow so that they complete the job in a reasonable amount of time without sacrificing quality.

Status – Believe it or not, people actually brag about hiring a professional house cleaning company. Many people have the perception that hiring a cleaning company to clean your home is very expensive.

Why Consider Spouses Cleaning Houses?

We listen – In order to deliver the best possible service to meet your expectations, the cleaning professionals at Spouses Cleaning Houses listens, understands and acts to meet nearly all of your cleaning requests, even windows. Recognizing the importance of thorough and consistent cleaning at every visit, we schedule the same team for each service. They get to know your requirements and your site and provide reliable, professional work.

We are flexible – We provide you with increased flexibility to schedule cleaning services at the most convenient time, as well as customized cleanings tailored to your requests.

We are experienced – For more than 19 years, Spouses Cleaning Houses has been maintaining the cleanliness of homes in the Annapolis region with respect and dedication. Our company trains each team and designates a team leader to oversee all cleaning duties. Staff members have experience cleaning in a variety of locations, including residences, Bed and Breakfasts, and corporate offices.

A Bit More About Spouses Cleaning Houses

Husband and wife proprietors, Ed and Rebecca Wright, founded the business in 1995. Together, their leadership and commitment have transformed a once part time endeavor into a successful and thriving business. They know how to clean your home!